Cloud servers

Servers on the cloud to host your applications.

Servers on the cloud to host your applications and your data with the best benefits. Servers optimized for the most popular ERP: Sage, A3, SAP, etc. Novaclouder is member of the Amazon Web Services Partner Network.

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Custom software development

Web programs for your company's management.

Web programs for your company's management, customized to your needs. Hosted on the cloud, easy to use, available from any platform: PC Windows, Apple, Tablet or Smartphone.

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Integration with ERP Sage and A3

The integration allows automating business processes.

Connect your web applications with your ERP. Bind your e-commerce web with your ERP, or make your users sign up and contract services through your own web. The integration allows you to automate business processes, decrease your inner expenses and make your business more competitive.

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System maintenance

We become your TI department.

If your company is not yet on the cloud, we can also help you. Maintaining your computing infrastructure: servers, backups, communications, etc. If you don't want to have your own TI department, we become your Ti department.

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If your company isn't on the cloud yet, we can help you.

A new generation of business solutions, based on the internet and new technologies, with cloud servers and management web applications.


Since 1998 we are working for our clients to have the management programs that better can enhance their business.


We use the project development SCRUM methodology: improves the development reliability and allows adapting to new requirements.


We offer a global vision of the company's needs and a deep knowledge of the standard ERP in the market.